———-May 2021

Thursday, May 13
Recorded version available
EDRM (ARMA NorthEast Partner) Presents:
InfoGov as a Critical 1st Step to the EDRM

In this webinar, our EDRM and CIGO-certified experts will discuss how Information Governance (InfoGov) is truly the critical and foundational first step to the EDRM. We’ll cover, a brief history of InfoGov and explain why all eDiscovery and legal practitioners need to treat it as a key component to the EDRM – and how to do so.

Matt Mahon has 14-years’ experience with Ricoh supporting organizations with information governance and litigation support strategies including data remediation, litigation hold, preservation, collection, data processing, review, and production. Matt lectures widely on the topics including IoT, the impact of Emojis and social media in workplace communications, data governance, and eDiscovery.

Andrew Spett, Esq. has more than 25-years of experience in the legal vertical and has been in the Information Governance, Computer Forensic, and eDiscovery fields since 2006. Andrew presently works as an information governance consultant, with subject-matter expertise in eDiscovery, with Ricoh USA. He is a Certified Information Governance Officer (CIGO) and Information Governance Professional (IGP).

Eric Parish is an Information Governance Professional and eDiscovery expert with more than 17-years’ experience in the legal vertical. He is an information governance consultant for Ricoh USA Legal covering the Pacific Northwest and upper Midwest, helping organizations better manage, secure, and optimize data to improve decision making, reduce cost and minimize risk.

Direct link to recorded webinar HERE along with a number of other related webinars coming up


Tuesday, May 18
12:30 – 1:30 p.m. ET
ARMA Metro NYC Presents:
How to Establish a Governance, Risk and Compliance Strategy for Microsoft 365 and Beyond
Speakers: John Mancini and Brian Tuemmler

How do you adopt a strategic mindset to governance, risk and compliance (GRC)? Organizations typically fall into one of two categories. They either pay high-level lip service to governance, with lofty intentions that never translate into action, or they become so mired in GRC details that they never translate GRC competency into tangible business value. In this session, John Mancini and Brian Tuemmler will create a strategic framework for M365 (but not limited to M365!) that is built upon four key questions:

  1. SCOPE – What “stuff” needs to be managed? From whom? Where?
  2. CONTEXT – What does the translation to the cloud mean, and what on earth is the difference between E3 and E5?
  3. MANDATE – Which functions are in scope?
  4. What do you need to know about the PLAYERS and ROLES in an effective GRC strategy?

    This is a free virtual event.
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Wednesday, May 19
1:00 – 2:30 p.m. ET
ARMA New Jersey Presents:
Varsity Victories: Managing College and University Records
Speakers: Stephen Dalina and Ann-Marie Phillips
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a records manager outside of a corporate or government setting, here’s your chance! Records management at colleges and universities can take many different forms, depending on the size of the institution, whether it is public or private, whether recordkeeping is centralized or decentralized, and what the level of executive buy-in and campus participation is. The speakers will discuss the evolution of their respective programs, both of which are relatively new, and share some of the trials and tribulations of managing records in a lower-regulation environment.

Please join us immediately after the session for an informal networking session to chat with the presenters and other attendees.

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Non-Member – $10.00
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Thursday, May 20
2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET
ARMA International and Zasio Present:
Breaking It Down: Best Practices for Simplifying Your Retention Schedule

Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Join ARMA and Zasio in this webinar as we dig into a series of specific examples so you can see, firsthand, how to simplify an overly complicated retention schedule. The webinar will consider common pain points and opportunities for retention schedule simplification

Cost: 0.00
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Wednesday, May 26
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET
ARMA New England and AIIM New England Present:

This interactive panelist discussion will explain what 3D documents are, explore some of their current applications in the world of information, and approach some of the information governance risk factors you need to consider now before it’s too late.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe:  Founder of Deep Analysis – Co-Author of Amazon Bestseller “Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook. See more in LinkedIn

Steve Weissman:  The Info Gov Guy™ at Holly Group. See more in LinkedIn

James Ellison Jr: National Records & Information Governance Operations Manager at Epiq. See more in LinkedIn

Moderator: Donda Young: Managing Director of Compliance Services at Legal RM. See more in LinkedIn

0.00 for ARMA, AIIM members and Students
10.00 for non-members

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——–June 2021
MEMBERS ONLY Webinar Series on Thursday, June 3
1:00 p.m. CT
Speaker: Andrea D’Ambra

Topic: Impact of IG on Cybersecurity Breach

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Thursday, June 10
12:00 p.m. ET
ARMA Upstate New York (Central NY)

Location: Dwyer Memorial Park
6347 Little York Lake Rd.
Preble, NY 13141

Tired of virtual meetings? Ready to have some fun conversation around Records and Information Governance? Join us for an in-person chapter event this June at Dwyer Park in Preble! We normally hold an event around a specific topic, however it has been a year since we have been able to get together. We want to keep the topics open and flowing around what is currently important in your records program. We will have discussions around topics such as “What permanent changes will be made now at your workplace due to the disruption caused by COVID?” and “What records projects are you working on? Are you working on digital transformation projects or projects resulting from the hybrid work environment?” Share what is important for you and hear about what others are doing.

This is a free event.
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——–JULY 2021
Tuesday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 14
Legal Tech LegalWeek Virtual Events
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——September 2021
Thursday, September 2
MEMBERS ONLY Webinar Series
Speaker: Lewis Eisen
Topic: Principle-Based Policy

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——–October 2021
ARMA INFOCON 2021 – Houston (Hybrid/Virtual)
October 17 – 20
Community through Connection

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